Hasil peer review teman sejawat "Kepatuhan Terapi Anti Diabetik Oral Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Tipe2 Rawat Jalan Di Rsud Prambanan"

Sari, Andriana and Fuadiyah, Hanifa (2016) Hasil peer review teman sejawat "Kepatuhan Terapi Anti Diabetik Oral Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Tipe2 Rawat Jalan Di Rsud Prambanan". Fakultas Farmasi Dan Sains Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA.

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The successful treatment and therapy of patients with type 2 DM (DM) were influenced by healthcare quality and medication adherence. Several factors affected therapeutic adherence of DM patient such as the grasp to the regimens and their benefits, potential adverse effects, drug cost, and compl exity of the therapy. This study was conducted to determine the adherence level of type 2 DM patient and the correlation within adherence medication and individual characteristics in Prambanan Public Hospital. The study was designed as an observational stu dy while the results were analyzed using descriptive analytical method. The data was complemented by a cross - sectional population analysis during March - April 2016. Questionnaires along with the patients’ medical records were used for collecting the primary data. MMAS - 8 questionnaire was applied to measure the adherence level during therapy. Statistical analysis was employed through a Chi - Square Test. Subjects who were eligible to the inclusion and exclusion criteria were taken as samples. The inclusion crit erion involved the patients with: over - 30 year’s male and female, medical records of type 2 DM for more than a year, and Anti - Diabetic Oral (ADO) remedies consumptions. Seventy - eight patients were included as respondents. The results obtained total number of low, moderate, and high adherence level as follows: 38.46% (30 patients), 34.61% (27 patients), and 26.92% (21 patients), respectively. The significant values of adherence characteristics correlation were p = 0.825 as of gender, p = 0.286 as of age’s le vel, p = 0.331 as of the number of comorbidities, p = 0.160 as of the number of ADO, and p = 0.600 as of the duration of the disease. In conclusion, there was no significant correlation (p> 0.05) between the patient characteristics and therapeutic adherenc e level. Keywords: type 2 DM, adherence, patient characteristics, MMAS-8

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