Masnun, Affair and Bachri, Moch.Saiful and Nurani, Laela Hayu (2013) CEK SIMILARITY "ANTI CONVULSANT EFFECT OF Centella asiatica FRACTIONS AND HISTOPATOLOGY STUDY OF LIVER AND KIDNEY". Fakultas Farmasi, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Proseding ICCMCCR.


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Background. Seizure is an neurologik issue that relatively much be found. Treatment with conventional chemical remedies are more expensive beside their limited distribution. conventional remedies have a lot of side effects. Therefore, needed to find a new alternative treatment that more safe, effective and selective to suppress seizure as anti convulsant. Pennywort ( Centella asiatica (b) urb ) has effect as anti convulsant. Ethanol extract of Pennywort herb also known could have sedative effects on mice because it contains with brahminoshide and brahmoshide glycosides using their cholinergic mechanism. Objective. The aim of this research is to know whether ethyl acetat fraction and unsoluble ethyl acetate fraction of pennywort herb can be used as anti convulsant. Methods. This research conducted using mice which divided in eight groups which consisted of 7 mices per group. The classification of the group consists of negative control (suspension of CMC 5 %), ethyl acetate fraction group with dose 100mg/KgBW, 200mg/KgBW, 400mg/KgBW, unsoluble ethyl acetate fraction group with dose 100mg/KgBW, 200mg/KgBW and 400mg/KgBW, and positive control group (fenobarbital 100mg/KgBW). To make convulsion condition, mice induced using PTZ dose 80Kg/BW. This test lasted for 7 days. The result was analyzed by using post hoc test and Mann Whitney method were also used to compare each sample. The significant value was accepted if P<0.05. Outcome measured. The parameters of anti convulsant including time of duration. The histopatology tested on liver and kidney. Results. Unsoluble ethyl acetate fraction dose 400 mg/KgBB has the ability to reduce duration time. Histopathology test showed that ethyl acetat fraction dose 100mg/KgBW and unsoluble ethyl acetat fraction dose 400mg/KgBW significantly increase repairment of kidney damage induced by PTZ. Conclusion. Conclusion that not all fractions have the ability as anti convulsant. Keywords : Anti convulsant, Centella asiatica, ethyl acetate fraction, unsoluble ethyl acetate fraction, Phentylenetetrazole (PTZ).

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Subjects: R Medicine > RS Pharmacy and materia medica
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