Increasing the piroxicam solubitity by complex formation with PEG 6000

Sembiring, Suhemi B and Yuwono, Tedjo and Wahyuningsih, Iis (2009) Increasing the piroxicam solubitity by complex formation with PEG 6000. 4. Proseding seminar internasional Pharmacists' role in the holistic care of cancer therapy,Januari 2009. pp. 25-31. ISSN 978-979-1845-1-6

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Piroxicam is a potent analgesic-antipyretic agent, but it has a poor solubility in water. This properties usually could make problems in the absorption rate. This substance might be included in class II of Biopharceutic Classsification Systems. It means that the dissolution rate has a good correlation with the absorption rate. So the effort of increasing the solubility of piroxicam is indeed needed. The aim of this study was to increase the solubility of piroxicam by complex formation with PEG 6000. The test were carried out by dissolving of piroxicam in the solutions containing 0,000 M; 0,00167 M;0,00208 M;0,0025 M;0,00292 M and 0,00333 M of PEG 6000 in water at 32 °C, 37 °C and 42 °C. The effect of complex formation to the piroxicam solubility determined by spectrophotometer and the complex formation was detected by infrared spectroscopy. Then the result of solubility identified the complex stability constants and thermodynamic parameter. It was evident that the solubility of piroxicam in water increased significantly by adding the PEG 6000 because of the complex formation. The stability constants at 32 °C, 37 °C and 42 °C were: 199,19 M; 145,01 M and -49,07 M respectively, while the AH was -1,595 x 10 cal mol, the AF were -3210,43 cal mol and -3064,44 cal mol and the AS was 10,52 cal mol and 9,88 cal moldeg at these temperatures. The complex of piroxicam-PEG 6000 was exothermic process, since the elevated temperature its solubility decreased. The data of infrared spectroscopy indicated that the complex formation of piroxicam-PEG 6000 was formed.
Key words: Piroxicam, PEG 6000, Complex, Solubility

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Date Deposited: 13 Apr 2019 02:32
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