Pengaruh prapelakuan perasaan rimpang jahe (zingiber officinale, Roxb.) terhadap daya analgetik asetosal pada mencit putih jantan galur DDY

Ahmad, Fauzia and Wahyuningsih, Iis (2008) Pengaruh prapelakuan perasaan rimpang jahe (zingiber officinale, Roxb.) terhadap daya analgetik asetosal pada mencit putih jantan galur DDY. Proseding seminar nasional tanaman obat indonesia, Mei 2008,. ISSN 978-979-18458-0-9

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The traditional drugs sometime used together with mdern drug, so at need done research about influence traditional drugs if gived together with modern drug. One of traditional is ginger rhizomes. It is needed to done research about effect of pre treatment of squeeze ginger rhizomes (Zingeber officinale, Roxb.) in analgesic analgesic potency of on male mices strain DDY, this reseach was to determine the effect in analgesic potency of squeeze ginger rhizomes preteatmen in potency of analysic and how dose wich caused of analgesic acetosal.
This reseach was used male mices strain DDY by weight 20-30 gram, age 2-3 months with sum 40 tails, which were divided into five groups randomly, ech groups consist og 8 mices. The pretreatment gived before acetosal with dosage 65 mg/kg BW. The gived pretreadment was: the first and second gived aquadest, the 3rd, 4, and 5 groups was given by squeeze ginger rhizomes with concentration 25% b/v: 25% b/v; and 100% b/v ech equal with 6,25 g/kg BW; 12,5 g/kg BW; and 25 g/kg BW. Five minutes later, all grups were given acetic acid 1 % v/v. in this research analgesic effect was shown from wriggle appears for 60 minutes. Observation was done 5 minutes after asetic acid 1 % v/v by intra peritoneal, observed wriggle cumulative sum and percentage of analgesic effect was tested with Kolmogorov-Smirnov analysis, Levene Test for homogeneity test and continued with Kruskall-Walls and Mann-Withney with 95% of significance.
The result of the research showed that pre treatment squeeze ginger rhizomes one hour before gived acetosal could increase analgesic effect percetange of acetosal. The more dosage of pretreatment squeeze ginger rhizomes, so analgesic effect percentage of acetosal more too. The increase of percentage analgesic effect acetosal was get from pretreatment squeeze ginger rhizomes 6,25 g/kg BW was 21,52%; dosage 12,5 % g/kg BW was 38,04% and 25 % g/kg BW was 60,89%.
Keywords: analgesic, ginger rhizomes, acetosal

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Subjects: R Medicine > RS Pharmacy and materia medica
Divisi / Prodi: Faculty of Pharmacy (Fakultas Farmasi) > S1-Pharmacy (S1-Farmasi)
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Date Deposited: 13 Apr 2019 02:20
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