The inhibition of CYP 1A1 Expression in Mice By Melatonin

Laela, Hayu Nurani (2012) The inhibition of CYP 1A1 Expression in Mice By Melatonin. Proceeding_The International Conference on Drug Development from ....

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Lung cancer is a leading cause of death among the other types of cancer in the world in 2010. The impact of genetic polymorphisms in CYP1A1 on the susceptibility of lung cancer has become particular interest in recent years, since this sub-enzyme plays a major role in activation of major classes of tobacco carcinogens. Melatonin has been proved to modulate the effects of cancer chemotherapy, by enhancing its therapeutic efficacy and reducing its toxicity. This study aimed to assess CYP 1A1 expression which is modulated by melatonin.
Mice are divided into negative control group (without melatonin), melatonin 25 mg /kg and 125 mg melatonin / kg BW. Cancer induced by using Cadmium. The parameters determined are the results of electrophoresis the band color intensity of bands of CYP 1A1 gene which is resulted from PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) between the control group, melatonin dose of 25 mg/kg, and melatonin doses of 50 mg/kg. Electrophoresis results showed that the CYP1A1 band intensity of the melatonin-induced rat weaker than the negative control. This suggests that the rats with melatonin isolates treatment group reduce expression of CYP 1A1 compared to group without melatonin.
The conclusions of this study is that melatonin is able to suppress the activation of potentially toxic metabolites thus potential as anticancer.

Key words: CYP 1A1, melatonin, cancer

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