Eurycomanone exert antiproliferative activity via apoptosis in Hela cells

Mahfudh, Nurkhasanah Eurycomanone exert antiproliferative activity via apoptosis in Hela cells. International Conference on Mathematics and Natural sciences (ICMNS).

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Eurycomanone is a cytotoxic bioactive ingredient found in Eurycoma longifolia Jack. It
demonstrated a general cytotoxic response against many epithelial cell types. The present study
investigated the antiproliferative activity of eurycomanone. It showed antiproliferative effects on cancerous
cell lines (Caov-3, HeLa, Hep G2, HM3KO and MCF-7) and relatively nontoxic on noncancerous cell lines
(MDBK, Vero). The mode of cell death in HeLa cells induced by eurycomanone was determined by TUNEL
assay. It detected the fluorescence in the nuclear region thereby indicating the presence of DNA
fragmentation. The fluorescence became more intense with longer treatment durations. The apoptotic
morphology of HeLa cells induced by eurycomanone was further confirmed by staining with nuclear
fluorochrome Hoecsht 33258. Similar morphology was shown by HeLa cells treated with tamoxifen which
acted as positive control. In short, eurycomanone proves to be cytotoxic towards HeLa cells by triggering
apoptotic cell death.

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