Formulation Chewable Tablets Ethanol Extract of Aloe vera With The Combination of Excipient Avicel pH 102-Maltodextrin

Dito, Galih and Arief, Budi Setyantho and Azis , Ikhsanudin Formulation Chewable Tablets Ethanol Extract of Aloe vera With The Combination of Excipient Avicel pH 102-Maltodextrin. Proceeding The International Conference on Drug Development from Natural Resources. ISSN 978-979-18458-5-4

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Objective. Aloe leaves (Aloe vera L) is one of plant that can use as laxative agent, thus the tablet formulation of this plant will give beneficial effect. The tablet production from extract requires combination of excipient to obtain the standard tablet considerin the physical characteristics. This study was aimed to explore the physical characteristic of tablet which was content of the combination of excipient Avicel PH 102 and Maltodextrin.
Method. Aloe leaves extract was gotten with maseration using 96% ethanol as solvent. The orientation was performed with 5 formula mix of powder based on various excipient, that was formula I (100% Maltodextrin), formula II (75% Maltodextrin and 25% Avicel PH 102), formula III ( 50% Maltodextrin and 50% Avicel PH 102), formula IV (25% Maltodextrin and 75% Avicel PH 101), and formula V (100% Avicel PH 102). Mix of powder was tested by the physical characteristics including tapping index, compactibility, and mass density of powder. The direct compress was used in tableting process . The tablet was tested for the physical characteristics including weight uniformity, hardness, friability, and taste test. The content of antraqinon in the extract was tested with TLC. The difference of tableting testing were testing using T test.
Result. The study found that the formulation of mix powder with higher prosentage of Avicel PH 102 had tapping effect index bigger, mass density of powder smaller, but compactibility test cause variation hardness of each formula. Character of chewable tablet with higher prosentase Avicel PH 102 have an effect weight uniformity more better, tablet hardness go down, friability more higher, and have not an effect significancy with taste comments test. From these research getting result that formula four is formula obtain up to standard tablet seen from the physical character of powder and chewable tablet. Result show that extract having glikosida antraqinon.
Conclusion. Variations of the excipient of Avicel PH 102- maltodextrins will effect the physical properties of powder mixtures and chewable tablet aloe vera extracts as well ethanol does not affect acceptance by consumers. Formula qualified physical properties of granules, and chewable tablets are a combination of formula four.

Keyword : Aloe Leaves ( Aloe vera L.), direct compress, formulation

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