Hendrik, Hendrik and Nining, Sugihartini and Azis, Ikhsanudin Optimasi_Formula_Tablet_Kunyah_Dimenhidrinat_Kombinasi_Pengisi_Manitol-Laktosa_Dengan_Metode_Simplek_Lattice_Design. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Farmasi Menyiapkan Strategi Terpadu Untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Pelayanan Obat Pada Pasien Geriatri Universitas Islam Indonesia Fakultas MIPA . ISSN 978-979-98417-2-8

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Dimenhdrinat is an antiemetic drug which has bitter taste. Chewable tablets are some of preparation that intended for fast release. The aim of this research was to optimized combination of mannitol-lactose as filler in making chewable tablets by applying simplex lattice design.
Adsorbic mass was got by dissolved it in ethanol 70% as solvent and evaporated it on the water bath with air flow aim until 1/10 first volume, added with lactose dried on 60oC. Some procedure were undertaken to get optimum mixture of mannitol-lactose. Orientation using 3 formulas based on variations of excipient as filler by applying simplex lattice design, formula I 100% mannitol; formula II 50% mannitol - 50% lactose; formula III 100% lactose. Tablets were made by using wet granulation method with gelatin solutions 10% as binding agent. The granules mass obtained were sieved throught 12 mesh, dried on 50oC. The dried granules obtained were sieved through 16/30 mesh. Granules obtained were tested for physical characteristic including tapping inex, granule density, water absorption capacity and compactibility. The total respond of some properties values was calculated to get optimum formula. Granules off optimum formula were compressed using single punch machine tablet by keeping the force constant. Tablets that produce from optimum formula were tested for physical characteristics granules uniformity of weight, hardness and disintegration time. The data obtained of granules testing were analyzed with T-test suing 95% significant level.
The result showed for optimum formula (90% mannitol : 10% lactose) had good physical characteristic of granules (tapping index 14,80%; granule density 0,5352 g/ml; water absorption capacity 0,1536 g/minute; compactibility 7,42 kg). The result of physical characteristic test of tablets consist of ( uniformity of weight 499,85 mg with CV 0,396%; hardness 7,60 kg; friability 0,149%; disintegration time 13,60 minute). The taste test tablets showed that almost 100% of the respondent mentioned that chewable tablets ddimenhidrinat still bitter.

Key word : Dimenhidrinat, Mannitol, lactose, simplex lattice design

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Subjects: R Medicine > RS Pharmacy and materia medica
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Date Deposited: 08 Oct 2015 03:27
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