Collaborative Study Improves Teachers’ Mastery of English Texts

IRMAWATI, R.A. NOER DODDY Collaborative Study Improves Teachers’ Mastery of English Texts. Jeta Seminar Yogyakarta.

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This topic is chosen to be presented at Jeta seminar because the writer wants to share the result of her research and give the way how to improve the ability of teachers as one of the keys in distributing the knowledge of teaching English to the students. Collaborative study can promote the teacher’s mastery of English texts. To apply this method is not so `difficult. So she is interested in discussing about collaborative study as a method.

The research is done in Postgraduate Program of English Education Ahmad Dahlan University Yogyakarta. The data are taken from several techniques including test, participant observation, in-depth interview, questionnaires, and document analysis. To analyze the quantitative data, the writer uses a descriptive statistics, comprising the following dimensions: highest, lowest scores and average score. To analyze the qualitative data she uses constant comparative method as suggested by Glasser (Babbie, 2004: 372).

The findings reveal that the using of Collaborative Study is successful viewed from some dimensions. It can develop professional competence very effectively through all activities which are involved by all teachers as participants. It can raise self-awareness for professional development as individuals or as a member of a group intensively and significantly through the activities. It can develop the behavioral or personal competence effectively through authentic participation of the teachers in the personal and experiential relationship in the whole programs which implemented the principles of adult learning. It improves social competence significantly through the interaction and communication in the process of Collaboration. It can develop leadership competence and values by the rotation of taking turn in conducting the meetings.

Key words: Collaborative Study, English Texts, Teachers’ Mastery.

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