A Fuzzy Logic in Election Sentiment Analysis: Comparison Between Fuzzy Naïve Bayes and Fuzzy Sentiment using CNN

Sugiyarto, Sugiyarto and Eliyanto, Joko and Irsalinda, Nursyifa and Putri, Zhurwahayati and Fitrianawati, Meita A Fuzzy Logic in Election Sentiment Analysis: Comparison Between Fuzzy Naïve Bayes and Fuzzy Sentiment using CNN. JTAM (Jurnal Teori dan Aplikasi Matematika).

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Sentiment analysis is an analysis with an objective to identify like, dislike,
comments, opinion, or feedback on certain content which will be categorized into
positive, negative, or neutral. In general selection, sentiment analysis widely known
to be used to predict the winner on election process. This method tries to dig the
people sentiment on their governor candidates during election, whether it’s
positive, negative, or neutral opinion. The output of the positive sentiment is
related to people acceptance towards one of the election nominee. That statement
usually applied as a base reference for determining the result of the election
process. In sentiment analysis, the importance of its fuzzy logics must be
considered. Each of the people statement is assumed to have the level of positive,
negative, or neutral percentage. The concept of fuzzy logic is developed and applied
on one of this text mining method. This research is focusing on comparison analysis
and fuzzy logic application in sentiment analysis method. Two method which
discussed in this research are Fuzzy Naïve Bayes and Sentiment Fuzzy with
convolutional neural network. This research is applied on PILKADA of Solo and
Medan district case study. The data of the people opinion are acquired from twitter
and collected on September 2020 to December 2020. The two methods which
mentioned before are implemented on the acquired data and the output of these
method application then compared. The conclusion of this research suggest that
different approach will resulting in different output

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